Family Protection Trust

Comprehensive Protection for your home and assets.

A professionally drafted Will allows you to say who will inherit your home, money and possessions, however a Family Protection Trust ensures that what you want to happen, does happen.

With a Family Trust you can update your Will as you wish and your Family Protection Trust works alongside your Will, guaranteeing your wishes and allowing you to leave more inheritance to your loved ones.

With Your Family Protection Trust you simply place your assets in to the Trust and as the main Trustee you remain in control of your assets whilst alive. You can use them as you normally would, such as sell your property, spend your money and make investments.

Benefits of the Trust

• No need for probate for assets held within the trust
• Prevents sideways disinheritance
• Beneficiaries inherit quickly and hassle free
• Avoids claims against your estate
• Avoids loss of control due to incapacity
• Avoids beneficiaries inheriting at the wrong time
• Helps avoid passing on an inheritance tax liability to future generations

Probate fee’s can be up to 5% of the estate. Learn more about how we can help you with probate fee’s.


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