Lasting Power of Attorney

Choosing someone you trust to make important decisions.

Should the time come where you are unable to make your own decision’s, a power of attorney allows you, the Donor to choose the Attorney’s you wish to make them for you. The attorney(s) you choose can be a relative or trusted friend. Your chosen attorney’s can act on health matters and property and financial matter’s and you remain in control now whilst making things easier for your family or friends in the future.

Power’s can only be granted whilst the Donor has capacity to do so, once capacity has been lost then Power of attorney can no longer be completed. This is why we believe that Power of Attorney should be considered by everyone, especially because without a Power of Attorney your family or loved one’s may have to go to court to obtain a deputyship order to be able to act on your behalf, this can be a lengthy, costly and upsetting process.

The power of attorney documents for health and welfare or property and finance or (Both) will be produced by us and returned to you for signing prior to registration.


The Process

Must be set up whilst you have “capacity”

Choose the person(s) you trust to be your attorney

Choose the Power’s you would like to grant

Choose whether you would like the power of attorney to active now or after loss of capacity

All documents produced and sent to you for singing prior to registration




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