Probate is the legal process to establish ownership of an estate. These responsibilities lay with the executors of a Will and are usually difficult and the process is lengthy, usually around 3 to 6 months. The legal costs associated with probate are typically up to 5%

Typical Example:
An estate of £200,000 could typically cost up to £10,000 (5%).

At Securus Planning, we offer a fixed free probate service saving your family time, hassle and reducing associated legal expenses, allowing you to leave more inheritance for your loved ones.

Securus Planning Example:
An estate of £200,000 would typically cost £4,000 (2%).


Our services include:

  • Take on responsibility of the executors.
  • Cover any potential liabilities of the executors.
  • Apply for a Grant of representation from the probate Court.
  • Gather and value all of the assets.
  • Identify any beneficiaries.
  • Handle the sale of any property.
  • Pay any taxes that are due on the estate.
  • Distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Produce accounts.


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