Property Protection Trust

Protect your share of your property for your loved ones.

Many of us worry about losing our home to pay for our care costs. Did you know that after you have passed away, that your share of your home can be used to pay for your surviving partners care. Care home costs vary throughout the UK but in 2015 the North East of England had the lowest average at £577 per week compared with the South East that averaged at £893*. Regardless of where we live, the cost of care is very expensive and can very quickly dwindle away your share of your home.

A property protection trust is an affordable way to protect your share of your home to be passed on to the people that you care about.

How it works

The property protection trust is set in to your Wills

When the first person die’s, their share of the property is passed in to the trust, protecting it for their beneficiaries

The remaining partner is able to live in the property for as long as they wish.

Should they then need to pay for their care, your share of the property can’t be used to pay for it.

Should the surviving partner remarry, your share of your home is protected for your beneficiaries

When the surviving partner dies their share along with yours is distributed in accordance with your individual Will




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*Laing & Buisson Care of Older People UK Market Report 2014/15